Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Scarcity of Water in OAU Halls of Residence

 Scarcity of Water in OAU Halls of Residence

By Hamzat Abdulkabir
The students of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, suffer acute absence of water across halls of residence.

Many students have shown concerns and distress because they gone many days without taking bath and using water for the essentials. It is really saddening that nothing could justify that the students, at this stage still battling water scarcity, are going to get help in this matter of serious concern.

Reports across the school revealed that the real cause of this situation has not been made known publicly. The situation is the same across all halls of residence and nothing has been done to exit from this critical situation. 
According to a recent survey report from some affected students, there has not been water in halls of residence for about a week. Meaning that students are going about their daily activities without the use of water. Most students have been relying on colored well water, stream water and even have to purchase sachet water to go about some of their daily activities.

OAU Peeps correspondent in a physical contact  with  a porter at the Awolowo hall of residence discovered that the school management is working towards fixing the water issue.  
He said; “there have been some technical issues from the major source of water into the halls of residence and that efforts have been made to get it right."

Some halls already have water running but many students are still lacking the supply of water. 

However,  the affected students feel there is nothing to show compliance or no sense of urgency to the issue. 
The situation is really annoying, I had to go to town to do my Laundry,” Femi, a student who resides in Awolowo hall of residence expressed. 

It needs to be reiterated that the provision of potable water supply is one of the primary responsibilities of the school management. Water is a basic amenity and the school management should not be acting as a lone ranger on this very important matter. 
The students implore the school management to fix the water situation as soon as possible. That the school management should look into the critical objective of making water available in halls of residence, through alternatives, so students can go about their normal lives.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

#ENDSARS: Youths Reject the Activities of SARS.

Lots of events have transpired over the years, scores of youths killed, families shattered, and hopes dashed. Harassment and brutality are part of the leading issues faced by the youths in the country. Unfortunately, It feels like the social media is the only weapon the youths have. Every single time these events happen, there are hot takes on Twitter, Whatsapp statuses trending the issues as well. Isn’t it time the government address this issue? Or do we assume that government is not aware of this issue?
 We hear many stories about SARS brutality and how many youths have lost their lives due to this intense show of power. SARS; Special Anti-Robbery Squad is a branch of the Nigeria Police Force under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.
For an organization that came into existence with the sole aim of keeping the citizens of the country safe that is now the threat to life of the citizens, results have shown that they are doing the exact opposite. Is the government really going to turn a blind eye to this? 
#ENDSARS and #WarOnSar started some months ago by the youths of the country to show total rejection for the activities of this squad. However, the recent killings including that of a youth in Delta state spurred the protest back to life. Many youths also shared how they have been harassed, cheated and unlawfully detained. Also, a petition signed by 10,195 people was submitted to Nigeria's National Assembly calling for scrapping of SARS.
Students are already scared of travelling back to school for resumption because they might come across this squad. The citizens of a country should not be scared of the unit that is built to protect them, or could this be the definition of "police is your friend"?

Monday, 13 July 2020

Sustaining Democracy in A Dwindling Economy

By Mutiu Saheed Abiodun.

Ban Ki-Moon once said "Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship, and strengthen governance."
Democracy, as defined in the Cambridge dictionary, is the belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of government based on this belief, in which power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people themselves. Democracy exists to provide a way for people to live and be together in a way that is beneficial to all. 
As a bird can't fly with a wounded feather, so it is going to be disastrous for any country to sustain her democratic system of government in a dwindling economy. This is because democracy and economic development go hand in hand clarification of their correlation are irrefutable. In other words, democracy is tied with economic series of growth like levels of education and lifespan through the improvement of educational institutions as well as healthcare. 
Democracy can not sustain in a dwindling economy because, for governance to go smoothly, it must have the revenue to manage its plans. People will request portfolios and this can't be run efficiently without revenue. Nigeria, her economy is a good example that has fallen in this menace. If her current expenditure has taken 70% in paying salary, now can 30% do the rest? And, if it goes like that; people will begin to lament that the serving government is not good enough. Imagine in a situation whereby, an Honourable member of House of Representative is expected to carry his constituency along and always be there for their quests, but when "water is more than yam flour", there is no way it can survive. Surprisingly, people will even expect him/her to be sharing money with every member of the constituency. 

The dwindling economy in a democratic government will lead to nothing but political instability, that is, what is expected of government to realize will not be realized and with these, there will be no improvement in the governance and instead of new things to be planned, the reverse will be the case. On this note is what describes sustainability as a culture which is enough for everyone's needs but not everyone's greed; he, therefore, governs best he who governs least.
It is important to note that the root of the economy itself is seen as a proverbial round table conference for home management and with the media as the best mode of operation. Centrally, it is like a round peg fit for a round hole. However, there is a dictum that says: "sustainability does not fly near the sun." For an economy which would not only take care of today but more of care for tomorrow, it must not fly too near the sun, refraining from living on what it cannot sustain. 
For instance, in the Nigerian context, our economy flies too near the sun by these following anomalies and absurdities: Feigning equal partnership with the advanced economy of Europe, USA and the tiger nations from where we imported 20 different goods at the proverbial border markets while we approach same with just one oil export commodity. We, the Nigerian governments and the governed fool ourselves thinking that we are on equal footing as we refer to ourselves as "Giant of Africa" when by this foolish act makes us over-dependent on other people's sweat. We run our economy too near the sun because anything artificial or gummy cannot stand the scorching sun. It is also like the case of the proverbial load carrier who spent his daily takings on imported bread, he is eating the scalps of his head without knowing it. Why is he not buying local foods which cost less and build his body better, health-wise and afford him the opportunity of saving a few coins for the raining day? 
Our economy flies too near the sun by working ourselves into needless debts and wasting loans on white elephant projects which do not benefit the future generation. Failure to give priority to education in our policy and budget implementation is another way of flying our economy too near the sun.
In the final reckoning, without a robust economy to implement serving government, democracy is not sustainable. In this regard, we think Democracy can be survived from the dwindling economy by the following three basic principles: 
Firstly, exploitation and conservation of natural resources, that is the use of natural resources to buttress its current source and utilizes in such a way that includes the consumption to achieve the principle of sustainability. 
Secondly, the Integration of environment into our economy and its programs. 
Lastly, the equitable use of the resources in a way to be of immense benefit to all and sundry. Democracy that encourages a level-playing ground would throw up the right leadership that regards stewardship as a platform for bringing benefits for the good of all and never for individualistic tendencies. 
Our verdict, therefore, is that there is no way democratic governance can be sustained in a country where natural resources are neglected or only one of them is dependent on, where budget implementation is not done accordingly, and where citizens are politically immature and illiterate. 
Sharan Leslie Burrow, former president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, said in one of her quotes that "...no peace for the peoples of the world without the guarantees of sustainability." This entails that, today's status is a reflection of tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

History of OAU Buildings

By Emmanuel Dominic
Ever wondered how OAU got to be so beautiful and blessed with great architectural buildings? It is very joyful to savor the eyes with the landscape of such length and width, with an amazing love for nature green, the perfect synchronization of building, landscape, and amazing sight. We could but fall in love with the great architect and great minds behind the African most beautiful University. As we all know, OAU originated from University of Ibadan, before being given it freedom to be the University of Ife in 1967. Ife citizens gave the government 13,000 acres of land for the proposed university, imagine its largeness. After so many political issues, the University of Ife was approved in 1961. But due to the construction and all, they were made to be Ibadan campus. 
OAU was made to be an outstanding Institution. The best Architect in Israel by name Arieh Sharon placed in charge of the architectural plans, which was supposed to be a three community project. He was the best at that time, also joined by his son Eldar Sharon and A. A Egbor of Lagos. Arieh Sharon was an Israelite, Half Jewish, and an amazing Architect, that change the art of building in Israel with various amazing buildings artworks. 
He initiated Multi stories building in Israel and built a lot for the Government as at that time, he also won a Prize in Israel as the best architect. He made the first master plan for the University of Ife in 1961. As at then, he was building the Jewish Agency headquarters Tel Aviv. After this maser plan, he started off building the Faculty /Department Humanities, which was from 1963-1965, and in between built Halls of residence in 1964. In 1967 he started the building of the Library and ended in 1970, in between he built the Institute of Education and secretariat in 1968-1972. Later onto 1972 the great Oduduwa hall was built and finished in 1976. He designed the Civil Engineering building called Spider but was built artistically upside down. He designed in a rectangle form, Faculty of administration, law social sciences, Education, Humanities, Library Oduduwa hall, and so many others. He was the mastermind behind the beautification of Obafemi Awolowo University at the beginning of time. 
Judging from the pictures, we could pinpoint that there were 2 original Amphitheater, one which is at the back of Oduduwa hall, built by Eldar Sharon and Harold Rubin, and the other in front of the library, which is called Motion ground. Although the masterminds of the OAU Campus started with Arieh Sharon and his son, it didn't cease at his death in 1984 but was continued by numerous Amazing Architects, most of which are Nigerians. Patrick Ehinmowo and his firm Platform Concept Ltd Also design the National History Museum, and which is one the most notable museums in West Africa, known for its triangular roofing. Olajumoke Adenowo is also one of the architects responsible for the beautification of the OAU campus, she built the OAU Senate building, and so many others. But Arieh Sharon, Eldar Sharon, and Harold Rubin were most popular of all due to their amazing intellectual display of art, culture, and Futuristic value.

They weren't just builders or architect, he pointed Ife as a better location for the University, cause of the topography and landscape, and he (Arieh Sharon) featured Climate change into all of it building making it a masterpiece. And also interpreted the Yoruba Culture into its buildings, giving the western culture a voice through the artistic building, he also built a replica of the Oranmiya staff in front of the library. Arieh Sharon even went on to write a book on the Architecture of the University of Ife. Not just buildings make OAU the most beautiful campus, but the intentional Artistry of Aligning the Green grass and trees to those buildings. 
Anytime we have a view at this amazing structure and landscape, we could only praise the Legends / great minds behind this beauty. Now you know the history of OAU buildings.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Never Too Late for Self Discovery

By Adesina Ayomide Emmanuel

Have you ever sat down and this question keeps reverberating in your mind, “who am I?" You go out each day and you see people be the best of themselves, building a career in certain fields, putting faith to the test by stretching their capabilities, being confident in their own skin and you wonder who you are called to be. Of course, this happens to everyone. Is there also a better time to discover yourself than now?
 When we meet people for the first time, we assess them, scrutinize their clothes, actions, and words, and go on to interact with them based on assumptions we have made. It is pertinent to know who you are before all else. 

The Steps To Knowing Who You Are

Look deep in yourself to learn your core values
Your values are basic standards you stand for that influence your decision making. You have principles, know them. What do you fight for? What are you most passionate about? Are you living a life you’re proud of? Keep a journal to help you record your thoughts and emotions to know when they are positive or negative.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Examine your likes and dislikes; also, what you’re good at and vice versa. Mostly, the things we are not good at are our challenges. Knowing these things is important because from there, you decide which of them you need to improve on.

Take a personality test
Know your personality; if you’re choleric or sanguine, phlegmatic or melancholy. Learn when you’re at your best or when you’re feeling depressed. Know what makes you feel better; is it the movies, reading books, writing, playing music, etc. Sometimes, you may need to see a clinical psychologist.

Ask and know others’ assessment of you
Such answers should be gotten from close friends and family of course. Also, be aware that their opinions of you could be drawn from a particular encounter with you which may not describe you in totality. Compare their assessment with what you’ve written earlier in your journal. Ponder on them and ask yourself if you were surprised or upset at their opinion of you. If you’re not satisfied, you work out ways on how to improve.

Know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.
Although no one is 100% introvert or extrovert, rather we lean on one or the other under certain circumstances. An introvert describes someone who gets energy from focusing primarily on their own thoughts, feelings, and memories. They enjoy solitude and are reserved; spending time more on themselves. Meanwhile, an extrovert is someone who gets energy from being in the external world.

With these steps, you would have begun a journey on getting to know who you are, since, as humans, we are constantly changing and because society’s values often conflict with ours. What have been the meaningful events of your life? You may discover clues to your hidden identity, to your career and to your life satisfaction.
Know your personality; if you’re choleric or sanguine, phlegmatic or melancholy. Learn when you’re at your best or when you’re feeling depressed. Know what makes you feel better; is it the movies, reading books, writing, playing music, etc. Sometimes, you may need to see a clinical psychologist.

Friday, 5 June 2020

Rape - Who is to be blamed?

By Qudus Olaniyi Yusuf.

The primary cause of Rape is the Rapist.
The secondary cause of Rape is the Rapist.
The immediate cause of Rape is the Rapist.

According to the UNICEF report in 2015 ,one in four girls have either been raped or sexually harassed before the age of 18. Of all the rape cases, less than 10% are reported, and out of the reported cases, only a few get justice. People refuse to report rape cases as a result of stigmatization and fear of victimization by their abusers and the society.
It should be noted that people are free to dress the way the want to dress, calling a type of dress indecent is a stereotype on its own. This begs the question about who made the rules about dress mode, because to be fair, well clothed women and even kids get raped.  So, it is not about the dress mode. A man once said that according to the holy book, Matthew5:29&30, “In the case of rape, It’s either your eyes are the problem or your sex organ, you can do yourself the good of taking it off.”
If indecent dressing is responsible for rape, have you seen an unclad mad woman? Are these rapists attracted to her? This issue have eaten deep into our world that some people do not realize the damage that rape can do to a woman. Rapists are sure to be facing some psychological issues. They need to have their heads checked. There is also a theory that proves that an abused person will turn out to be an abuser .They may also be a bunch of people who cannot control their sexual desires.  
Rape can be linked with the need to always dominate which is also an ideological problem that can be traced to how a person sees and views the world. 
“I am physically stronger; hence subduing her will not be a problem". Believing that the female gender is beneath and can be manipulated, mutilated and taken advantage of for pleasure is the driving force for such an unspeakable evil. There is a need for all to know that women are to be respect and their “NO” means "NO" not "TRY HARDER". However, the fact that the male gender also gets raped will not be ignored. Rape is not a trophy. It is wrong to praise anyone for being raped, it is a crime!

So, where is the problem from? From a very tender age, girls are taught to always keep themselves by being decent, when she does not sit properly; she is scolded, she is taught to preserve her pride. She is given so much attention! This is amazing but it is futile if the boys are not given the same education. In a world where boys are praised for being flirty and girls condemned for doing the same, it is futile. If girls are thought to be decent, boys should be taught to respect and not violate the other gender.  A woman's sexuality is not a trophy and should not be seen as a conquest as this practice is common among young adults and teenagers.
Students and other community believe that the government also need to rise to the occasion by first making laws that will discourage such dehumanizing acts like rape. The world is a wild place after all, some people will still not desist from it as there are unrepentant rapist and pedophile among us, we look forward to a world where the security agency should be equipped with state of the arts technology on how to properly tackle rape cases so that the real perpetrators of such acts are punished. It would be a tragedy to persecute the wrong person for a crime.
 Also, the courts should also be swift and smart in giving judgments so that cases do not get piled up, "justice delayed is justice denied".
Schools, NGOs , religious organization ,social clubs should go on massive sensitization of their members and the populace about rape and its effect on both prey and predator. Sex education should be introduced to primary school thereby rape and it consequences should be extensively discussed. Other organizations and higher institutions should constantly hold seminars and lectures to educate their members and student. NGOs, especially relating to women and the girl child be supported in aiding vulnerable ones in the society get justice as and when due.
The fight against rape is one that involves all and sundry, if we all work together we can drastically reduce rape cases in our society. A rape free society creates a safer and more rewarding society and the female gender don't have their dreams truncated at various levels of their lives. We hope our generation will build world where all genders can walk freely and alone in a dark alley without fear of their life and future being threatened. Rape victims should rise above stigmatization and victimization and report their violators by not bowing to death threats.


Thursday, 28 May 2020

Schools to Reopen or Not

By Yusuf Qudus Olaniyi
When I hear students being merry over the fact that schools in the country will reopen for operations on June 8, I shake my head. As much as the story is false as the Minster of Education has come out to debunk it as well as Boss Mustapha; the Chairman if the presidential task force on  COVID-19, I am of the opinion "that there is an iota of truth in every rumor".
 As we are all aware that confirmed cases of the Pandemic that has bedeviled the whole world and not Nigeria alone, continues to rise astronomically as more cases are being confirmed. The truth in the rumor is that the opening of learning activities might be around the corner as it has been said that institutions should start drawing up plans to protect their students once learning activities commence. As much as no date has been set yet it is a thing of joy as some students have jokingly said they have forgotten their matric number. As for me, I have forgotten my E-portal password, well that could be partly due to the fact that we were asked to change it some months ago from the one I have been using for over two years.
 During a briefing in Abuja on the 27th of May 2020, Boss Mustapha said " I wish to inform Nigerians that the federal ministry of Education will rule out measures for the self-reopening of schools" he stated that work is going on in the pipeline for the reopening of schools.
The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a halt in all activities including interstate travel, but the truth is people are still travelling by road; the only difference is that it has become more stressful and very expensive.
 There is no gainsaying that a policy or law ruled out by the government of this country is an avenue for some set of people to enrich themselves and cash out greatly. This time around not only drivers who drive their vehicle interstate are hiking their fees as a result of the risk involved, security agents are also cashing in on the opportunity.
Normally transportation from Ile-ife, Osun state to Lagos cost about 1500 naira which is often a direct bus, but as a result of the ban on interstate travel, the movement from Lagos to Ife cost about 5000 naira as the journey will have to be split into different part. 
According to finding, on will need to travel from Ife to Ibadan first, then Ibadan to mowe, the last phase is a motorcycle journey from mowe to Berger.
At the end of it all irrespective of the lockdown or interstate ban, it is best that students and everybody alike to utilize the time to equip themselves and also try to stay safe as "COVID-19 is real".