Friday, 19 May 2023

Let Your Fashion Speak, Let It Be Your Voice: CEO I-Touch Collectible Admonish Fashionpreneurs On Campus

In a colorful event hosted by the Kinflip community, a fashion Conference named "Future Fashion Industry Conference" with the theme "Exploring The Business And Sustainable Development In The African Fashion Industry which held on Friday, 12th May 2023. The conference which was graced by the attendance of the Great Ife Students'Union Vice-President, Salvation Grace was one that left impact in the life of those in attendance

The fashion conference which was hosted by Kinflip held at BOO C Faculty Of Sciences Obafemi Awolowo University. The conference which is a fashion Conference brought ladies and gentlemen from every sphere of the fashion world together to learn and unlearn new things

The keynote speaker of the day while speaking Mr Olowolaju Theophilus Itunnu the CEO of I-touch Collectibles said he spent 8 years in OAU but they were 8years of testimony, even though the school community (OAU) tried to break and humiliate him, but he kept standing. 

Speaking to the on the need to be creative and hard-working as a fashionpreneur, he said he was once stucked at Abu Dhabi, Dubai at 2am due to lack of Cash at hand. But what led to him been able to overcome that situation was because he had his fabrics which were his work and he was able to sell over $500 overnight and eventually, he was able to cater for himself and when able to afford to Lodge in a five- star hotel. 

He further admonished Fashionpreneurs on the need to be original in everything you do and the best way to show people who called youth lazy is to show them what we have. And to make fashion grow, it must come from the heart, place value on what you do by creating your own style of fashion. He need no one can initiate his style and any attempt of someone doing that will result to the person selling his brand unknowingly because it is his passion and when everyone in life should go, the passion will be there. 

Consequently, he said the best way to sell yourself to the word is to paint it on people's face as Fashion is not a convenient business, it takes hard work and Fashionpreneurs shouldn't stop creating until they get there niche, work on there ability as that's how to sustain the Fashion business. 

In his closing remark he said, Let Your Fashion Speaks, Let It Be Your Voice. 

The panelist session which was moderated by John Adefisayo had Ademiloye Adeshola, the founder of Arcade Model Agency, Atilola Gbenga, the creative director and founder of Fortress Clothing and Owoseni- Olofin Enitan Alex, the President of AMG, Allien Men Group answered series of questions related to the fashion space.

According to Mr Adeshola, Fashion is an expression. And one can start making money with what you do when there's acceptability by people Mr Gbenga said. 

Live musical performance was done by Hay-Why Virtuoso and B-pop and live drawing was done by Ferdinand which left the whole crowd elated. 

Awards were given to Fashionpreneurs who were outstanding in their different field of the fashion space

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Beautiful And Trendy Ankara Styles You Can Rock To Classes

As a student its easy to get lost in trends or get into the habit of borrowing money to buy clothes because your pals are rocking it or perhaps get into the buy now pay later scheme. In all honesty you do not need all this, you could get a good and cheap Ankara fabric and so cute styles that your friends will envy;

Ankara is no longer what it used to be and thus, you can now proudly walk into anywhere wearing the Ankara fabric. The beautiful thing about this change is the fact that there are so many Ankara styles that you can choose from. As a student its best to always have a good tailor on hand.

While having a good tailor is a necessity, knowing the right style for you is also tantamount to your looks. For older women their style choices are most certainly different, I mean they go for the older and more mature styles but for you as a student things are different and rightly so because first, you are young and secondly you need to feel loose and free not choked up.

Dressing well is a form of good manner, in a world where Ankara styles are all over the place, we have chosen to bring out the best and outstanding styles for you to stand out and slay wherever you go, the first step to be respected is to look respectable and our style should always be an expression of who we are every day.

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things, and also a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Ankara styles are better when being tailored well and styled perfectly and that is why we have put together this gorgeous trending piece in other for you not to stress or worry over having to look nice while attending a party.

Here is the list of beautiful trendy Ankara styles that we have got for you we do hope you love them as much as we do.

1. Ankara Dress With Cross Sleeve

Here is an elegant bold Ankara style that definitely can’t go unnoticed. It is definitely classy and worth setting a new trend. If you are up to standing out in a really gorgeous style then this is worth recreating. 

2. Ankara Gown With V-Neck