Thursday, 22 September 2022

Do you have Type 1 hair?

 Written by ONAYEMI MARY

Welcome and take a seat, this is a journey of hair discovery. I've had people saying they love my virgin hair because it's soft and full but I've always wanted that tightly curled hair that looked endless and super full. I've always wondered why my hair didn't look like those of my fellow ”hair owners”.

If you also have questions about your hair structure, this and the upcoming articles are for you to figure out why your hair is different from others and how to take care of it.

Brief History 

In the 1990s, Andre Walker created the hair typing system which has been widely adopted till now. Hair types were divided into 4 ( Type 1, 2, 3, 4) which were further subdivided into 3 ( a, b, c). 

Type 1 hair 


Type 2 hair


Type 3 hair 


Type 4 hair


These days, a lot of people claim that they have a particular hair type, but after some research, I realized you might not have just one hair type. Just one person will have type 1c, 2a, and 2b in their mane and it's perfectly fine, you are alright with it and if you have just one hair type all through that's also okay. 

So buckle your seatbelt as this is going to be an interesting ride!

We'll be starting with the type 1 hair and we'll go further down to Type 4, make sure you read them all. You might not need the knowledge, but a friend might, who knows!

Straight Hair (type 1)

In the world of totally perfect hair structure, the type one hair exists. Being straight without a curl and the need to use a flattening iron, this hair type reflects light to the eye best giving it a glossy appearance. Let's go down the first rabbit hole.

Type 1a

When model-gorgeous hair is mentioned this is what comes to mind, pin-straight hair that looks like the owner never had a bad hair day. This is a very rare hair type common among Asian women which is completely straight without a curl. You might be lucky to have it, let's go through its features.

It has a finer diameter which makes it fragile and susceptible to breakage.

The natural oil or sebum that runs down the hair shaft helps it effortlessly maintain its shine. No stress of frizzy hair, phew!

Frizzy hair is hair that lacks moisture which makes it dry and brittle.

This hair type is pin-straight and unable to maintain a curl. This eliminates the need to use a straightener to style it.

When wet it lies flat without volume, almost like the hair is scanty and glued down.

Type 1b

Now, this is the most common type 1 hair, though it appears straight it has subtle waves which gives it a little volume, unlike type 1a hair. Let's see if this is where your mane belongs.

The medium-thick strands has both fine and coarse strands because it's in between 1a and 1c.

No worries to oil your hair because the sebum easily runs down the hair shaft.

Although they have little waves, luckily, they don't have frizz problems.

Of course, it's a bit thicker than type 1a hair but it might struggle to hold a curl without products.

When wet the hair might hang straight down like type 1a hair.

Type 1c 

This is the waviest type 1 hair type, it has enough waves that differentiate it from all straight hair but not enough waves to place it in the wavy section. Yeah, it's quite complicated but let's just know if that's what you have.

The hair strands are coarse and lie flat at the root with slight waves from the midsection to the end.

The natural oil can easily run down the hair but it takes more time due to the hair texture.

With more waves than 1b, it can turn frizzy depending on the environment.

It's easier to hold and maintain a curl with type 1c hair.

Cons of Type 1 Hair

Now that you've identified your hair type, you should know that having type one hair isn't all roses and sunshine, it has its downsides also. But that doesn't stop it from being a great hair to have.

Prone to oiliness 

Type 1 hair is generally straight which allows the sebum to easily run down the hair but with time the hair looks greasy, especially near the scalp. 


This hair type is thin which raises the chances of them breaking when roughly handled. Make sure to treat your type 1 hair with care and baby it, it needs that pampering.

Product buildup 

Heavy styling products can weigh your hair down. Your hair is naturally thin so too many products with oil buildup won't be a good idea for your hair.

How to care for your type 1 hair

It's hair care time! I mean, let your hair make the first impression.

- The internet says to wash your hair 2-3 times a week. But what if you have a hairstyle you want to carry for weeks or you don't have the luxury of time? 

If you have a hairstyle you aren't ready to remove, go ahead but make sure you do a pre-poo after removing the style. Then remember to study your hair, this is important, washing your hair 2-3 times a week might not work for you, you might just need it once in 2 weeks, just notice changes in your hair.

NOTE: You also have to find a balance when shampooing, don't overwash, washing your hair too much can cause your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum to make up for the lost oil which will get your hair more greasy.

- Clarifying shampoos is a good idea, they help to get rid of excess build-up but shouldn't be used too often. Also, avoid heavy or oily products that will weigh your hair down.

- Be careful when brushing your hair, remember your hair is thin so handle it carefully. If it's tangled, brush the tips first then keep inching upwards towards the root.

- Avoid tight styles, applying too much pressure on your type 1 hair is a huge NO. 

In conclusion, as a person rocking type 1 hair you can try side parts hairstyles, it makes it look like your hair has more volume. But make sure not to part your hair at the same place so that part won't get bald.

When you've just permed your hair and you wash it, it looks like a type 1a hair, Yay! But when it gets dry it might be type 1b or 1c. It's probably better to determine your hair type when it's dry.

We have come to the end of figuring out if you belong to the classy type 1 hair type. The next article will be on type 2, stay tuned!

Thursday, 25 February 2021

The Exquisite : Feyi Agbaje

The Exquisite : Feyi Agbaje

By Adesina Ayomide Emmanuel

Feyi Agbaje is a graduate of the faculty of law of Obafemi Awolowo University and a professional fashion designer. She owns the fashion brand; TheFeyiAgbaje which introduces versatility. She believes in making dresses that will make your you yelp for joy anytime you wear them. 

She recently emerged as the winner of the sew to win challenge organized by Airvy training Center; an Instagram fashion school that teaches young people how to go about sewing clothes with good and extraordinary designs with classes ranging from beginner class to intermediate class, to Advanced class. 

She won a brand new industrial 3-thread overlock machine. 

The challenge was announced on there Instagram page on 30th of January 2021 with over 100 entries before they were shortlisted to the top ten, top four after which Feyi agbaje was announced the winner with 1,838 votes on the 16th of February 2021. 

In an interview with OAU Peeps Correspondent, Feyi Agbaje sharehow she was able to win the challenge.

 She got to know about the challenge while she was scrolling randomly on her Instagram feed. She found the post on their page and decided to go for it. When she was asked about what gave her the boost to accept the challenge, she replied;

“ be honest, it was a 50/50 chance for me. I knew I could do it. I mean there’s no harm in trying. But no one wants to lose. It’s a very bad feeling, particularly when you’re a perfectionist like me. There was a part of me that was willing to try. While the other part wasn’t ready to. But luckily, it came at a time I was doing my “Bridal Dress series” (You can check @feyi_agbaje on Instagram for more). So I basically told myself I was going to try it and if anything happens, I’d add it to my bridal dress series and simply move on.”

Speaking about her experience during the challenge, she replied and said it made her super patient. 

Usually, I don’t replicate styles verbatim. I ensure I infuse a part of me in what I do. But the rule here was to replicate the design verbatim so you could win the prize. So I basically sat down. Checked it over and over like three to four days before I started work and I simply prayed for direction. After, my mind became open to the kind of fabric combination to use and I ensured I followed it detail after detail. I wouldn’t lie. I got tired at some point. But mehn, eyes on the ball. So I got up to work and continued as my creative director led me.”

In order not to be discouraged or disturbed by the large number of people that applied, she made up her mind not to check the other people who signified interest in the challenge. She focused on just herself and winning. Although she was tempted to check their pages at some point. 

But she restrained herself from seeing how big the challenge or the opposition were. 

She expected that she will win the challenge so when she make it to the top ten and the top four and finally the winner she was not surprised. But she admitted to being shocked with the number of votes recorded for her within 24 hours. This made her realize that people notice the efforts you put in what you do. 

On a final note, she sent a word of encouragement to those who might want to partake in a challenge whatsoever that they should  go for gold when they see it, regardless of the opposition. 

“...and always focus on getting the work done. Rest when you get tired, but never lose focus of the prize! And stay where the fire is, in the community of those who believe in you and challenge you to do better”

Feyi Agbaje represents the extraordinary graduate who was able to balance work and school. She is beautiful, friendly and hardworking. In spite of being the sister of the Famous Timi Agbaje, she has chosen her own path and she is already blossoming. Whether it is a family thing or not, Feyi Agbaje is simply exquisite. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Will Face Mask Really be Incorporated as Students' Fashion Trends?

By Aworinde Blessing
The evolution of face masks and how it has actually become a fashion trend has proved how life can change in the blink of an eye. It also shows how man adapts to change. Even though the face masks were seen to be a symbol of fear and insecurity, it has become a way people express themselves and has also provided an opportunity for the fashion industry as it has been recommended for all in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. Now that the country moves towards reopening and people are trying to get back to their normal lives, the Center for Disease Control has encouraged people to use the face mask to protect themselves. Face masks have now become a necessity, people are trying to keep safe at the same time with been fashionable by incorporating face masks with their outfits.
Recently, some state governments have allowed the reopening of worship centers and it is considered very important to make use of the face mask. Meetings are now allowed to hold only if there is strict adherence to wearing the face mask. The world has no single idea of what the future holds as no permanent solution has been found for the cure of the novel virus, so there is no doubt that masks are here to stay.
Even though governments have not given a precise date for the resumption of schools, it has given guidelines that students have to follow and among them is wearing face masks. Now that wearing of face masks have been made a necessity, students will also have to incorporate it into their fashion trends by wearing fashionable masks.
Many politicians, government officials, and entertainers are adopting the use of more stylish masks with different styles. Gone are the bland white and blue masks, people now wear face masks that match with their outfits. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many Nigerian celebrities turned up at the AMVCA wearing glittery jeweled face masks. Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has been seen wearing varieties of designed masks to her news conference. Also, the Defense Minister Taro Kono appeared in a meeting wearing a designed mask. 
It has been made a compulsion to wear a face mask so it is only natural for students to incorporate the use of fashionable masks into their fashion trends. Especially if the government has to decide on reopening the schools. Even though it hasn't been proven that the wearing of face mask guarantees complete protection it is deemed necessary to wear it in public areas. Even though there may not be strict adherence to social distancing especially in large schools like Obafemi Awolowo University where there are a large number of students the only possible way to guarantee safe interaction is through wearing the face mask.
The president of the University of Arizona Robert Robbins said he will highly encourage mask-wearing at the university in order to protect both the students and teachers from the infection. Even if they have been controversies over the use of masks as parents believe that it may lead to choking or affect the way they breathe. it has been decided that schools, where social distancing can be maintained, may not have to make use of face masks. However, it is important to wear it in large populated schools where the shaking of hands and friendly hugs has become a normal form of greeting.
Also, the mask will give an opportunity to students to shows their creativity in terms of fashion. Obafemi Awolowo University has its own designed mask. In Canada, university students launched a stylish Canadian-made face mask company. Students have the habits of making something horrific look appealing so they can also do the same by incorporating fashion face masks into their trends.
Since designed masks are the current trends in fashion and there is an increased number of people using it as they try to go back to their normal daily routine. It is only natural for students to incorporate the face mask into their fashion trends if they eventually have to return to school.