Sunday, 13 November 2022

Commissioning of Ken Saro-Wiwa Students' Union Building

 By Ife Lawence

The management of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. On Saturday; November 12, 2022, commissioned the newly remodelled Students' Union Building. According to the record, it was tagged "Ken Saro-Wiwa Building" after the demise of Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa: A Nigerian writer, television producer, and environmental activist...

The management of Obafemi Awolowo University led by Vice-Chancellor: Prof. Adebayo Simeon Bamire was privileged to receive numerous dignitaries at the occasion. Among the dignitaries are the Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Students' Affairs, Vice Dean, General Leo Irabor (Chief of Defence Staff) and his associates, among other University Officials.

The programme which was anchored by the University's Public Relations Officer (P.R.O); Abiodun Olarewaju commenced the occasion with the national anthem, followed by the Great Ife anthem. 

As the programme progressed, the distinguished guests were invited to the tables, starting with Vice-Chancellor: Professor Adebayo Simeon Bamire, followed by the Chief of Defence Staff; General Leo Irabor who occurs to be a prominent alumnus of Great Ife. Also, the dean of Students' Affairs; Professor Isiaka Aransi, followed by the Great Ife Students' Union President; Olayiwola Folahan, popularly and politically known as Reform. The Anchor: Mr Abiodun Olarewaju the University's Public Relations Officer, acknowledged the presence of Great Ife F.M, C.S.O, Correspondents of Tribune, the associates of General Leo Irabor, the Students' Union and other dignitaries that were at the occasion. After many introductions by dignitaries, the University's P.R.O, inferred the programme as the first of its kind.

The Students' Union P.R.O, in the person of Taofeek Olalekan Ogunperi, popularly and politically known as TAO, after being invited recognized the Vice-Chancellor of the University in person of Prof. Adebayo Simeon Bamire, General Leo Irabor (Chief of Defence Staff), Dean of Students' Affairs Prof. Isiaka Aransi, among other dignitaries. 

Great Ife is known for its catchphrase "Viva Aluta" The Students' Union P.R.O began with the recognition of comrades, starting with past union leaders: Adeleke Olorunwa "Goddey"; Kazeem Olalekan Israel "Gani"; Farombi Oluwaseun "Babafaros"; Ajayi Oluwafemi "F.M Castro"; Adebiyi Fashoyin "Frizzy"; Agbogunleri Oluwaseun " Ghandi" etc

The University's P.R.O invited the Chief of Imam (OAU Central Mosque) for the Opening prayer before the welcome address by the Vice-Chancellor.

The Vice-Chancellor; Professor Adebayo Simeon Bamire, in his speech acknowledged all dignitaries, beginning with General Leo Irabor, He exhorted him for being out of his busy schedule to make immense services to the University. And, for choosing from Abuja to attend this very special occasion. He further facilitated him in doing such a tremendous history.

He, however, encouraged the students to constantly look back to the University for development.

"On behalf of the council, Senate, staff and the entire students of Obafemi Awolowo University hereby appreciates those who have contributed financially, and materially to the general renovation of the students' Union Building ( Ken Saro-Wiwa Building), thereby making it a word class. May the Lord God Almighty continue to enrich the purse of the contributors. We wish all those who have come to grace this occasion a journey of mercy back to their different destinations" Says the Vice-Chancellor; Prof Simeon Adebayo Bamire.

General Leo Irabor (Chief of Defence Staff) was, however, invited for his speech. After observing all protocols, "The leadership of the students' Union must equally have the capacity to be able to do well in duty"

We must understand that as you and we are looking to build a nation, You have a role to play in ensuring that things work..." Says Gen. Leo Irabor. He encourages the students to be serious in their studies, and also, to make good use of the students' Union building. He further stated in his address, "The future is dependent on those who have skills" 

The Vice-Chancellor, General Leo Irabor and students union Executives were invited for the presentation of gifts

The closing prayer by the Chaplain ended with the national anthem.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Dear Fresher- ‘Joba Ojelabi

Dear Fresher,

I write to you to share with you a different perspective to some of the realities that would house you for the next few years. Under normal circumstances, this letter should meet you in a place of excitement and curiosity. After all, it is scientific for any normal creature to want to explore when introduced to novelty. But we are not all always under normal circumstances and this perhaps is first thing you must learn. In the next few days, almost everything you would encounter would be novel to you and as such might require some getting used to, especially the people. Sometimes what you refer to as normal might be grossly abnormal to someone else. In situations where you have to share some resources with such a person, it becomes imperative to find a mutually accepted common ground. This ability to reach compromises you would need as its need would arise in every facet of your new life; in hostels, classrooms, and with things as seemingly meagre as public transport. The sooner you learn to live as a social entity, the easier your settling in becomes. 

However, in as much you must try to integrate into your new society, you must also learn to hold onto the individuality of self. The university is a beautiful place; one that affords a person a lot of opportunities both within and outside the classroom. So, you must learn to maximize your time within these walls, for in the end, it really is every man for himself. However, one thing I have come to find is that the walk-through Ife is easier with the right kind of friends. Therefore, at this stage, it is important to not deeply commit to any alliances until you can adequately determine the personalities involved. This also extends to larger associations, societies and even fellowships. Do take your time to understand what these organizations truly stand for before promising to become a member. The fresh year is often the experimenting year; trying out new things, visiting new places, meeting new people. 

Interestingly, some of these things can have more serious consequences than others. While attending a wide array of fellowships might not have any consequence than perhaps diarrhea from one of the welcome packages, using and abusing drugs might have more life-threatening effects. So Dear Fresher, you must learn to thread with caution in the cause of your experimentation.  

There is a popular saying that it is one the to pass through the school and it is another thing for the school to pass through you. Interestingly, this saying has been the basis of a number of mistakes in the University. Making friends and learning from older colleagues could help with this.

Speaking of older colleagues, I assume that by now you have come by a number of them already. Just as is in life, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Sometimes, it only takes a closer look to know the difference. I did woefully in Moz101 and as much as a part of me hopes that you do too, this is not to say that some of the most beautiful love stories have not come from that legendary carpark. Sadly, some of the most horrible ones have too.

Beyond all, you must strongly commit to your academic pursuit. Whatever goals you have should be clearly spelt out and you should get to work on developing workable strategies to achieving them. However, you must also prepare for other eventualities as you would come to see in time that things do not always go the way we plan them. Personally, I have had some of the worst days of my life on campus but this does not in any way take away the good days. And at the end of it all, it all just goes to show the interesting mix of colours called life. 

Dear Fresher, I don’t write you from a place of perfection and so this might seem to you as mere musings. I have had my highs and lows and have come to discover that sometimes, life is best experienced with a little bit of both. So, as you commence this journey with hope and excitement, I hope you are able to find and focus on the things that really matter and at the end of it all, I hope that you know happiness. For perhaps that is all that truly matters.

‘Joba Ojelabi

Friday, 22 June 2018

Young Engineering Graduate Unveils Naija Made Kits

A lot has been said about the Nigerian youth over the past months, and not all have been positive with comments that have questioned the desire and ability of our youths to excel in challenging circumstances. Hence, it is always encouraging when Nigerian youths excel as it demonstrates that we are still willing and able to rise above our challenges.

Last month, Nigeria created a ripple across the globe because of the wonderful jersey Nike made for the national team at the ongoing World Cup with the jerseys getting sold out in less than five minutes in major stores across the globe.

These events promptly shifted the focus to what could have been if an indigenous brand had handled the design and production of these beautiful jerseys with a well-known senator leading the charge. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t support local content as the said senator published a book he wrote in the US.

JaniCuts fashion house decided to create a similarly beautiful design with a retro feel which Nigerians can afford without compromising on the quality – a common trend when trying to maximise profit among entrepreneurs.

The fashion house has been producing great outfits for over six years while sourcing a majority of its materials locally to help contribute to the economy as much as possible by providing jobs and helping to keep its suppliers in business. Its Ankara branded line has gone on to become its most popular signature.

The brain behind this brand is Oluseyi Ajani, an Engineering graduate from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He has been able to grow his fashion and purchase equipment to economically mass produce fashion wares and branded outfits in a challenging economy.

Furthermore, an NGO – ProjectletgoAfrica – founded by Oluseyi helps gives back to the society through its annual charity project which targets less privileged children living in orphanages by clothing them and providing other supplies. There are also training courses which are provided to young women who need to learn a trade or skill to earn a living courtesy of professional who volunteer to assist.

Nigeria remains blessed with a lot of natural and human resources and its imperative we continue to support and encourage our local brands who are working within the ambits of the law to develop our economy and local content while plugging the issues of brain drain and the exodus of our best minds.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Legendary Snakes: Nigerians, The Looters Of Their Own

By John Beloved

The astronomical level of corruption and greed in Nigeria has been proven since ancient times.

In recent times, it has been  shown that our long anticipated end to corruption is still a decade ahead of Nigeria.

Even as many Nigerians verbiage affirmatively to themselves as not part of Nigeria corruption, they still dine on a table with corruption depicting this from the occurrences recently dated in the educational sector. It is true when the Nigerian government is called to be corrupt but just to tag corruption with the Nigerian identity as a whole is a big dose.

Having laughed and mocked the beautiful and fascinating animal kingdom story of  a legend Nigeria snake that has stolen from humanity, Philomena  chieshe displayed her high intellectual level as the office clerk of the Joint Admission and matriculation board[JAMB] in makurdi with her story.

Having wondered how ridiculous it was for her to have thought of a folktale as a possibly acceptable pass for the missing money. An inspiring aspect of interest from every curious Nigeria is what in reality happened to the 36million naira.

Investigation following this criminal act has further exposed other fraudulent activities.
The embezzlement of another 23million In Nasarawa state.

As expected, this of course also came with its own tragic soap opera of been engaged  in a car accident which later resulted into a fire outbreak burning all the scratch card in the car on his way to Abuja.
In yobe state, the  JAMB coordinator accuses boko haram  for his inability to account for 613,000 and the kogi state JAMB coordination also blames poverty for the missing 7million in his office.

With all the fairy tales told by the distinct jamb officials  to support their action has revealed interestingly that while we all are crying over the infection of the Nigeria government from the incurable disease gotten from the sting of corruption even the Nigerian citizens have been soiled with impurity and greed.

 It should be noted that although a declaration has been made by The Joint Admission Matriculation Board [JAMB]  to ensure that the human snake that swallowed 36milion would be caught and punished like we all are waiting for.

We are the looters of our own self for to use for our exclusive benefit what is not exclusively our is theft.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Lambasted Emeralds: How Our Precious Stone Became A Pebble…

By ‘Joba Ojelabi

Love, like many other issues of the heart, is a complex yet simple phenomenon. There have been many schools of thought that have come to state that its control is not totally with man: That we cannot decide who or when to love, it just happens. And indeed, I remember that in my years in the Obafemi Awolowo University, never had I seen so many people love one lady so and interestingly, it was for no good reason. Jacob Oluwatosin had come to contest for office at a time when even the walls did not know her name. She had been a representative of the Faculty of Law at the Hallowed Chambers before then but only few cared to know, not when her competition were both former officials of the Hall Executive Council. However, it would seem that all she needed to do to change the mind of the great Ife was hold the microphone at Oduduwa Hall. Interestingly and very unusually, I was unable to attend the Debate of the elections that brought in the people’s precious stone but even I began to notice the unusual surge that came in her polls immediately after the Debate. I do not know what she did or did not say but whatever it was, it worked so well that Emerald did not have to do anything after that event; not even say a thing at the manifesto declaration. The chants of her name were everywhere and at some point, speculations started to come that this was no ordinary love and although I might not agree with whatever context the speculations might have risen from, only a fool would have disputed that that love was not extraordinary. 

 I have seen leaders fail, I have seen leaders succeed but only a few have I seen that truly stood out at the job. Many have asked what has brought about my catholic silence on the current leadership of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Union and my response has remained fairly the same: There is so much noise and so little talk. Somehow, we never truly let people fail before we call them failures. Even though the temptation to jump into that conclusion is quite high but these days, everybody wants to talk and nobody want to listen. It’s why idealists would in their surreal perspectives grow so distant from reality that they become the very opposite of it. But maybe another day, I would share my thoughts on ideals and their realistic workability. For today, like many others, I just want to try to understand how a precious stone became a pebble that the very ones who used to polish now walk upon. 

A whole semester happened and we would not here anything major from the Vice President. All we would know were a stale Fresher’s week and a couple of bland articles. But even they were pardonable, after all, power did need some adapting to. But then a bottle broke and along with it a couple of hearts, not just because our gracious lady had come to level of bottle brawls and things of the sort but also for the detestable photographs of her battery that accompanied that event and then we happened; the gentlemen of the press seeking another juicy story. Amidst all of the plenty stories that surfaced, we never really could find the truth but one thing is apparent from the events that followed: In all the lambasting that happened at the Students’ Union Building that night, there was only one victim. The question then remains who the victimizer was: Herself or him? 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The "Over Sharing" Epidemic: How The Internet Makes Us Cheapen Our Private Lives

By Adeyeye Eyitayo

Today, everyone seems to have a “digital self.” Our status updates on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, watsapp reveal a bit about who we are to the public. And as we know from countless controversies regarding celebrities and politicians, our “digital self” is intertwined with our public image and reputation.The internet and social media give us the ability to broadcast our thoughts and feelings to the world at a moment’s notice. While there are many advantages to this ability to instantly communicate and reach out to others, it also breeds an environment of over-sharing.

Every time you post photo or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand. With so many people now on social media tweeting links and posting selfies and sharing YouTube videos, it can sure get pretty noisy sometimes. Overtime, we tend to rack up a lot of friends and followers and that can lead to lots of bloated news that can’t be undone. We often share on social media to express our “true selves.” This desire often stems from our need for a “sense of belonging.”

We have a natural desire to be accepted by others. Having strong social ties is an important factor in our success and evolution as human beings. When other people “like” or “share” our updates, we often get a temporary high from it in our brains. However, when we over-share on social media we become “approval-seeking machines.” Every thought, feeling, and opinion needs to be circulated to the public, and we no longer have a sense of what should be kept private.” And social media has given us a way to craft this identity and share it with anyone. But in the midst of all that, we’ve become obsessed with our public appearance and reputation. We’ve become obsessed with signaling to others who we really are.

I find myself “over-sharing” when my mind feels overloaded and I feel like I need to purge some of my thoughts and feelings.
Whenever I try to look smart, witty and interesting and as such trying to manage the other person’s impression of me. Oftentimes when we’re looking at the screen we’re not face –to-face with someone who can immediately respond with us, so it’s easier to let it all out. It’s almost like we are invisible.

CONSEQUENCES OF “OVERSHARING” REPUTATION To quote Warren Buffett, “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and only five minutes to ruin it”, and with the rise of social media it feels like it could take a lot less than five minutes to potentially damage your online reputation. People often base their opinion of you or your business on what they see and read online, even if they might not know you personally.

We have all at one time or another said and done things in anger that we later regretted and wished we could take back. These things are harder to take back when they are published on line. When we’re in the heat of the moment, going rogue on social media usually isn’t the best idea. Instead of quickly responding to a friend’s comment am you take issue with, consciously take a break from social media in order to give yourself the proper time and space to process your feelings and to collect your thoughts before posting a response.

Before engaging in a public discourse, ask yourself: “Am I prepared to receive a barrage of negative responses?” If you think negative feedback and comments will make you feel upset or angry, hold off on posting. Instead, consider calling.

It is equally important to navigate our online relationships with the same level of care we navigate our real life relationships-perhaps to an even greater level, as social media lacks a personal connection.
Paul Booth, a professor at DePaul University in Chicago: “Our interactions on social media tend to be weak ties — that is we don’t feel personally connected to the people on the other end of our communication as we do when face-to-face.”

Ergo, when sharing information on social networks, it’s vital to be fully conscious of the implications and potential risks it can involve. It’s extremely important to be aware of privacy settings, to control the reach your messages might have across the web. What you decide to share on social networks is a personal choice and as a result, different people have different ideas over what constitutes oversharing. Nevertheless, be mindful that you have to be willing to live with the consequences.
Whenever you “like” or “share” something on social media, you need to understand that you are sending out a signal to other people, and they are going to form a judgement about you based on that signal.So generally it is a good policy to conduct yourself on social media just as you would in a similar group and context The the real world.

If you wouldn’t openly say it to a roomful of people, don’t say it on a social network!