Thursday, 17 March 2022

OAU NUGA'22 Journey

By:Olukanmi Abidemi Abeeb ÀBÍMÓ 

The Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA) organizes university-level sports events in Nigeria. It hosts an interuniversity sports competition called the University Games. The first NUGA games were held at the University of Ibadan in 1966. Presently, there are over eighty universities as members of NUGA, both private and public owned.

NUGA approves fifteen different sporting events at the University Games: track and field, badminton, basketball, chess, cricket, handball, hockey, judo, soccer, squash, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, and volleyball, after which the games have grown overtime to sixteen

The Zone C Pre-Nuga which hosted the likes of
FUTA, AAUA, Uniosun, Elizade University, JABU, OUI, Redeemers University, Adeleke University was hosted by Obafemi Awolowo University, commenced on Sunday, 13th of February, 2022 and end on the 16th of February, 2022

Having completed and qualified from the Pre-Nuga , OAU Sportmen traveled from 16th of March, 2022,  from Ife to Lagos in order to represent the university in the Nigeria University Game Association that will be holding in Unilag

However, OAU was unable to transport all the Sportmen at once due to unavailability of buses to transport them at once. Sports like hockey, athletics,taekwondo were unable move  some were told to wait till Thursday 17th March, 2022.  due to the fact that there were no enough buses. This was made known to OAU Peeps News Agency Correspondent by Oluwanoni the Students' Union Director Of Sports

While some sports like cricket, badminton, swimming,judo,handball, basketball, football actually moved on 16th of March, 2022. Leaving ile-ife around 1pm and getting to Unilag Lagos State around 5pm, they were told to converge in a one-multipurpose Hall to do one of the Corona test which was ecountered with delays according to one of the Sportmen Orisunbade Tunde who confirmed the scenario. 

The 26th Unilag NUGA  started on 16th March, 2022  at University of Lagos which was said to have adequate, enough and good facilities to host the competitions.
Also the competitions will come to an end on the 26th of March 2022.

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Breaking: Obafemi Awolowo Sets To Host Pre-Nuga Games


By Olukanmi Abidemi ÀBÍMÓ

The Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA) organizes university-level sports events in Nigeria. It hosts an interuniversity sports competition called the University Games. The first NUGA games were held at the University of Ibadan in 1966. Presently, there are over eighty universities as members of NUGA, both private and public owned.

NUGA approves fifteen different sporting events at the University Games: track and field, badminton, basketball, chess, cricket, handball, hockey, judo, soccer, squash, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, and volleyball, after which the games have grown overtime to sixteen

However, just like other competition, there's always a preliminary stages whereby teams come together to play and in order to them to be qualified for the main event. 

Obafemi Awolowo University, set to host pre-Nigeria university games PRENUGA for Zone C. The tournament which will feature 16 games and 10 different universities. 

According to OAU Student Union director of Sports elects, he stated that "Obafemi Awolowo University will be hosting this year's edition of the Pre-Nuga games, slated to commence on Sunday, 13th of February, 2022 and end on the 16th of February, 2022. We'll be hosting the likes of
FUTA, AAUA, Uniosun, Elizade University, JABU, OUI, Redeemers University, Adeleke University".

Speaking to our Correspondent, Oluwanoni said OAU will be participating in all the sixteen sport of the Nuga games: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Football, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Scrabble, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis and Volleyball.

OAUpeeps gathered that the Pre-Nuga is  meant to  determine the institution which will be representing the zone in the official NUGA games tournament.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

OAU Sport Council Releases Fixtures For The Inter-hall Football Competition

By Ganiyu Ayanniyi

The Sport Council of Obafemi Awolowo University has unveiled the fixtures for the forthcoming 2017/2018 Inter-hall football competition which expected to debut on Saturday, 24th November 2018 and expected to end on Wednesday, 4th December 2018.

The competing Hall teams are divided into group A and B. Group A includes Fajuyi Hall, Quarters and ETF Hall while group B consists Awolowo Hall, Town, Postgraduate Hall, Angola Hall.

The fixtures of the matches are detailed below:

Match Day 1:
Saturday, 24th November 2018

Awolowo Hall vs Town by 8am (Match 1)

Postgraduate Hall vs Angola Hall by 10am (Match 2)

Fajuyi Hall vs Quarters by 2pm (Match 3)

Match Day 2:
Monday, 26 November 2018

Awolowo Hall vs PG Hall by 2pm (Match 4)

Town vs Angola Hall by 4pm (Match 5)

Match Day 3:
Tuesday, 27th November 2018

E.T.F Hall vs Fajuyi Hall by 4pm (Match 6)

Match Day 4:
Wednesday, 28th November 2018

Angola Hall vs Awolowo Hall by 2pm (Match 7)

Postgraduate Hall vs Town by 4pm (Match 8)

Match Day 5:
Thursday, 29th November 2018

Quarters vs E.T.F Hall by 4pm (Match 9)


Match Day 6:
Saturday, 1st December 2018

Winner A vs Runner up B by 8am (Match 10)

Winner B vs Runner up A by 10am (Match 11)

Match Day 7:
Wednesday, 4th December 2018

Winner 10 vs Winner 11 (Match 12)

The competition's matches are expected to be played within the 7 stipulated days with 12 overall matches.

Also, it is needful to recall that the Postgraduate Hall won the last Inter-hall competition for 2016/2017, will they be able to preserve their title?

Friday, 30 December 2016

OAU Students' Inter-Hall Soccer Competition To Hold January 2017

The Obafemi Awolowo University Sports Board has approved that the Obafemi Awolowo University Students Inter-Hall Soccer competition be held in January, 2017

According to a statement on the school website, “All prospective participants for the inter-hall soccer competition should register their teams with the Soccer Coach or at the Sports Council Office on or before the first week of January, 2017.”

“Moreover, teams that intent to use the Sport Council facilities to train should apply to the Sports Council, indicating their prospective periods of training, so that the Council can schedule the dates and times of training in order to prevent clashes at the venues,” the statement added.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

OAU Vice Chancellor's Cup: Here Is The Summary Of What You Have Missed So Far

The ongoing Vice Chancellor's cup started on the 29th September, 2016, and it has continued to live up to expectations. The competition has generated a lot of interest from students of Obafemi Awolowo University. This is obvious, as students come out en mass to support their respective faculties.

The tournamement which started on a high note comprises all faculties on campus. However, only the Faculty of Pharmacy has failed to show up for their first and subsequent matches. Their opponents were given a walkover and a 3 nil match result.

So far, the favourite faculty predicted to win the competition - the Faculty of Education - has crashed out. The faculty failed to progress to the quarter finals, after a fierce showdown between it and the Faculty of Agriculture saw it ousted; courtesy of a last minute goal by the Faculty of Agriculture.

Unfortunately, the Faculty of Medical Sciences conceded the most goals before they were knocked out of the competition; their defence allowed twelve goals.

In the quarterfinal clash between the Faculty of Agriculture and the Sciences, the former was eventually knocked out. With a man of the match performance by faculty of Administration goalkeeper, they won on penaties after their goalie saved two penalty kick during the match and three during the penalty shoot out. The Faculty of EDM showed much zeal and endurance in its game against the Faculty of Law and it paid off. Following a full time draw, the game extension saw EDM progress.

The last quarter final match was between the Post graduate (PG) and the Faculty of Technology. The star studed Faculty of Technology managed to win the PG, after a very tight game to set a semifinal showdown with the Faculty of Administration.

The final match of the competition is expected to have in attendance the Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Anthony Elujoba, the Deans of Faculties and other top university officials.

Here are the Semi-final fixtures

EDM vs Social Sciences
Administration vs Technology


Group Stage Results

29th September, 2016
Education 2 : 2 Social sciences
Administration 3 : 1 Sciences

30th September, 2016
Law 2 : 2 Arts
PG 0 : 0 Environmental Design and Management

1st October, 2016
Pharmacy 0 : 3 Agriculture
Medicine 0 : 6 Technology
Basic Medical Sciences 1 : 3 Administration
Dentistry 0 : 6 Postgraduate

3rd October, 2016
Agric 1 : 1 Social Sciences
Tech 2 : 0 Arts
Pharmacy 0 : 3 Education
Medicine 0 : 4 Law

4th October, 2016
Science 2 : 0 Basic Medical Science
EDM 5 : 0 Dentistry

5th October, 2016
Social Sciences 3 : 0 Pharmacy
Arts 7 : 2 Medicine

6th October, 2016
Law 1 : 0 Tech
Education 0 : 1 Agric


7th October, 2016
Agric 0 vs 3 Science
Administration 1 vs 1 Social Sciences
Administration won 3-0 on penalties

8th October, 2016
Law 1vs EDM 1
EDM won 4-3 on penaties

PG 0 vs 1 Technology

Monday, 5 September 2016

Faculty Of Technology Dean's Cup Kicks Off Today

 By 3:00pm today, the much anticipated Faculty of Technology Deans Cup will commence.

It is time for Great Ife students in the tech faculty to partially drop their books and lace their boots. All the eight departments in the faculty will be competing for the faculty's most coveted football trophy on campus.

Two matches would be played on a daily basis at the Cricket Pitch, Sports Complex; 3pm and 5pm from Monday, 5th September till Wednesday, 7th September.

Find the game fixtures below.

MONDAY (05-09-2016)
MATCH 1: Electronics and Electrical Engineering vs Agricultural Engineering - 3PM
MATCH 2: Chemical Engineering vs Computer Science - 5PM

MATCH 3: Food Science and Technology vs Mechanical Engineering - 3PM
MATCH 4:Material Science vs Civil Engineering - 5PM

SEMI FINALS (07-09-2016)

You definitely do not want to miss out on this memorable event. Be there!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

EURO 2016 Final: Seven Football Lessons Picked

By Ridwan A. Oyetunji

The 2016 UEFA European Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA EURO 2016 or simply EURO 2016 has come and gone.  Yesterday night witnessed the final match of the tournament.  The 120-minutes encounter, refereed by the highly revered English referee – Mark Clatenburg, saw the “A Selecao” army coming out winners, against all odds. 

Here are the major football lessons learnt from the France vs Portugal match:

1.  Defending is key
Football in today’s world is not always about attacking and scoring goals.  As important as scoring may seem, a very good defensive setup is needed, so that the scored goals can count at the end.  Moreover, in an encounter like yesterday’s final, where both teams are almost at par, the defensive play may eventually be the difference.  This is evident as the Portugese team’s defensive resilience paid off, ending the match with an important clean sheet.

2. Right Substitutions influence big matches
With Ronaldo limping off in the early stages, it seemed all was over for Portugal.  Then Fernando Santos threw on Quaresma in his place, bringing Nani back to the middle as a false striker.  Portugal were resigned to playing without an arrow man for the better part of the game until the closing time when Santos again brought on Moutinho (to reshape the midfield) and Eder – the eventual match winner (to serve as a focal point.  The French national team made substitutions too, but they were not as right and influential tactically as those of the Portugese team.

4. Possession is not everything
It’s well known that France enjoyed the better part of the ball, dominated all areas of the pitch but at the end had little or nothing to show for it. The same transpired in the Germany vs France semi-final tie where Germany had 66% possession but ended up losing 2-0 to France.  Summarily, football these days is all about making the little possession you have count.

5. An “arrow head” is important
Portugal played far much better when Eder was brought on. The Portugal players started directing their attacking plays to their hit-man, this eventually paid off as the powerful striker scored the only goal of the match with a fine effort just outside the box.  Eder was Portugal’s Vardy for the night.  On the other hand, France played less good once Giroud was substituted and replaced with Gignac, who is a “false-9”. 

6. Fluidity in formation plays a major role
The French National team apparently had no “plan B”.  The team played the same formation from the start to the end and players stuck to their playing positions for most part of the game.  This is in contrast to the Portugese team that constantly reshuffle formations, with the likes of Nani, Mario, Quaresma, Moutinho switching playing positions when necessary.

7. Star Players don’t always win matches, team spirit does
France had all the stars, with the likes of Payet, Pogba, Griezmann, Giroud and the rest, they were not able to assert their individual brilliance on the game.  The Portugese National team, which lost its “only real” star at the early stages of the game, but picked out the positives in the incident as they played with arguably the greatest team spirit any team has shown in the competition thus far.  They were attacking and defending massively with every player tracking back as soon as the team loses the ball.  Though stars may bring individual brilliance, but this is not always enough to win games. 
If the likes of Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal with all their stars can surrender the EPL title to Leicester City whom nobody knows any of their players until their rise to stardom, then today’s football can be said to be more of team understanding and less of star players.

Congratulations to Portugal as the world awaits their continued brilliance at the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Brief Biography Of Stephen Keshi

By OLATUNJI Muhydeen

His full name was Stephen Okechukwu Chinedu Keshi.

He was born on January 23, 1962.
He was from Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta State. He played as a defender for Super Eagles of Nigerian and several football clubs.
Apart from the Nigerian national team, Keshi coached the Togolese and Malian national teams. He was the only coach to have taken the Togolese team to the World cup championship till date.

He made 64 appearances for Nigerian national team and scored a total of 9 goals. He played the defensive position.
He played internationally for the following teams

1979 ACB Lagos
1980–1984 New Nigeria Bank
1985 Stade d'Abidjan
1986 Africa Sports
1986–1987 Lokeren
1987–1991 Anderlecht
1991–1993 RC Strasbourg
1993–1994 RWDM
1995 CCV Hydra
1996 Sacramento Scorpion
1997–1998 Perlis FA

He had his own sense of style as he never put on white trousers or a suit. He claimed not just feeling comfortable in them. So often times, he wore just a track suit of Nigerian colours. Keshi was quite a reserved person. He prefered to spend his free time with his wife at home. Even as a young man, he didn’t like partying. Keshi was a person of self-discipline.
He spoke French and English fluently.
Keshi was one of the only two soccer stars, along with Egypt’s Mahmoud El-Gohary, to have won the Africa Cup of Nations both as a player and a coach.
He won the African Nations Cup in 1994 as a captain and as a coach in 2013.
His wife of 33 years, Kate died on December 9, 2015 after losing a long battle with cancer. Keshi is survived by four children and his mother.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Europa League Final 2016: St. Jakob-Park Debacle

As Jonas Eriksson blew his whistle to signal the end of the second 45minutes in St. Jakob-Park Basel, Switzerland, a quarter of the 38,512 spectators erupted to celebrate the victory of the three times Europa league winner - Sevilla.  Tears trickled down the cheeks of some Liverpool players who had anticipated to go into the history book at Anfield after 'hitting the post' in their second finals of the season.  For Liverpool, It was a tough showdown with the Liga Copa del Rey runner-up; a match officiated by a refereeing crew which after a drug test admitted to puffing hallucinogenic drugs.

Jonas Eriksson reportedly told UEFA doping officials he inhaled about “one gram of K2" before kickoff. Though the English side enjoyed a quick-witted first 45 minutes where blatantly palpable - egregious - fouls were not called as the officials who were patently under the influence of the narcotic changed the rules of the game allowing the match see four very obvious hand balls not counted.  An instance of such was the Daniel Sturridge perfectly weighted pass that Grzegorz Krychowiak reached down and batted away.  Jonas Eriksson said "I SAW A THOUSAND LIFETIMES IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE", "I TALKED TO GOD, I AM MY OWN FATHER".

The final whistle in Basel saw Sevilla clinched the trophy the third consecutive time.  After successfully turning UEFA Champions League final into a Liga Madrid derby, Real Madrid trumped their city rival to lift their 11th UCL title.

The dominance of the Spanish league is now like the luminescence of the moon which can't be shielded. As the English teams struggle to clamber up the league of top clubs in Europe, The Spanish teams had climbed to the top taking part in all competitions across the continent.  This is the third time Spanish teams would be clearing the tables leaving nothing left for others to compensate their travels.

When Liverpool football club arrived Merseyside, there were no open roof buses to convey them; their defeat to the Copa del Rey runner-up is the fifth consecutive final their newly appointed manager, Jurgen Kloop would lose.

While it continue to look as if the city of Liverpool is alone in their mishap, or as if Jurgen Kloop tribulation had just continued, I see the country that presently inhabit the duo to have added to its adversity and might strictly be affected by the loss in the long run.  One tenable repercussion had been the non-participation of more than four English teams in Europe most elite competition whereas the Spanish empire have been having five representatives over the last 2 years.

The failure of Liverpool squad to replicate the night at Istanbul; Jurgen Kloop's unlucky kismet with finals; Jonas Eriksson misinterpreted vision and St. Jakob-Park debacle all accumulated to add salt to English football's injury.

Squire Readen

NB- Squire Readen is a freelance writer who writes critical sport commentaries and other related articles. He is an objective sports fan and is currently the Director of Sports for the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students (PANS), OAU Chapter. You can reach him on

Friday, 27 May 2016

Manchester United Appoints Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has signed his contract to become the new manager of Manchester United.

The Portuguese left home at 2.50pm on Thursday and concluded talks at a central London hotel, agreeing to succeed Louis van Gaal as the new boss at Old Trafford.

Sky Sports News HQ broke the news at 5.20pm after Mourinho returned home half an hour earlier with documents in his hand and a bottle of red wine, having met with United's executive vice chairman Ed Woodward to complete the deal.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Leicester City Win EPL Title

Leicester City have been crowned Premier League champions for the first time in their history following Tottenham's failure to defeat Chelsea on Monday, the 2nd of May, 2016.

Tottenham FC played a 2-2 draw at Stamford bridge against their fellow London rivals which paved the way for Leicester City FC to open a seven point gap with two games remaining.

Leicester City FC also called the Foxes will now wait till Saturday 7th May 2016 to officially lay their hands on the trophy with a game against Everton FC.

Monday, 28 March 2016

AFCON Qualifier: CAF Deducts 3 Points From Nigeria

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has deducted points from Nigeria, Egypt and Tanzania, all members of Group G, following the withdrawal of Chad from the ongoing qualification race for the 31st edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, Gabon 2017.

Chad were due to travel to Tanzania for the fourth match in the group, but instead made the announcement of a shocking withdrawal, citing financial constraints.

CAF swiftly applied its rules in conformity with Article 61 of the regulations of the competition which states: “If a team withdraws from the qualifying phase organised in groups, all its results shall be annulled (points, scored and conceded goals)”.
”Consequently, the three matches of Chad of Group G are cancelled and the results will not be taken into consideration”, CAF said.

Egypt still lead the group with four points,, while Nigeria have two. Tanzania have a point.
CAF further said that in accordance, with the rule set by CAF Executive Committee on 15 January 2015, any group reduced to three teams following the withdrawal of a team will have only the group winner qualifying for the final tournament.

Furthermore, the Chadian Football Federation has been fined 20,000 US Dollars and also barred from participating in the next edition of the AFCON in conformity with Article 59 of the regulations of the Competition which states “any association declaring forfeit after the start of the matches is liable to a fine of twenty thousand (20,000) U.S. dollars. It will also not be allowed to participate in the next edition of the AFCON”.

Meanwhile, Egypt will face Nigeria on Tuesday, 29 March 2016 in Alexandria.

Source: Vanguard

Sunday, 31 January 2016

LLB 4 Trash LLB 1 To Win Animashaun Cup

The annual Animashaun soccer fiesta came to an end today as the LLB 4 of the Obafemi Awolowo University Faculty of Law pummeled their junior colleague from LLB 1.

It was such a glamorous duel today as teeming crowd turned up to witness the final of the annual competition. The Part one team has been keeping an unbeaten run right from the outset of the competition defeating all their senior colleagues. However, reverse was the case yesterday as they unfortunately lost to their colleagues from Part 4. It was goalless draw all through the first half of the encounter. Many thanks to a beautiful drive from Fakeye, who eventually bagged the highest goal scorer of the competition which eventually ended the goal drought.

The match proceeded as the luminaries struggled to get an equalizer. Alas, the equalizer would not just come. Shortly after the luminaries failed to convert the penalty kick that was awarded to them, the LLB 4 team punished them by utilizing a beautiful corner which turned out to a goal, courtesy of a beautiful header from Uche.

The second goal confirmed the victor of the day as the luminaries struggled and laboured for a goal they never got even though they wrote their names so boldly in the history book being the first part one class to play in the final.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Aubameyang Wins African Player Of The Year 2015

Gabon striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been crowned CAF African Player of the Year for the first time.

The 26-year old beat Ivorian Yaya Toure and Ghana’s Andre Ayew to the crown, the most prestigious individual award in African football. He polled 143 points, seven more than Toure whilst Ayew finished a distant third with 112 points.

He thus becomes the first from his country, Gabon, to win the prize and was decorated at the 2015 Glo-CAF Awards Gala held on Thursday, 7 January 2016 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria.

The feat by Aubameyang ended the four-year reign of Toure, which lasted 2011 to 2014.

For the African Player of the Year – Based in Africa, Tanzanian Mbwana Aly Samatta was decorated, becoming the first from East Africa to win the coveted prize, reserved for footballers plying their trade on the continent.

Samatta garnered 127 points, ahead of his TP Mazembe teammate and DR Congo goalkeeper Robert Muteba Kidiaba, who amassed 88 points. Algerian Baghdad Bounedjah trailed in third place with 63 points.

Cameroonian Gaelle Enganamouit was adjudged Women’s Player of the Year becoming the first from her country to pick up the prize.

It was double delight for hosts Nigeria with two prizes, Victor Osimhen – Youth Player of the Year and Etebo Peter Oghenekaro – Most Promising Talent of the Year.

For guiding Cote d’Ivoire to continental glory, former coach Herve Renard was named Coach of the Year and ‘Les Elephants’ as National Team of the Year. Cameroon scooped the Women’s National Team of the Year prize and DR Congo giants, TP Mazembe, Club of the Year, whilst Gambian Papa Bakary Gassama went home with the Referee of the Year award.

Former Ghana coach Charles Kumi Gyamfi and Cameroonian Samuel Mbappe Leppe were honoured posthumously in the African Legend category. Edwin Gyamfi received the honour on behalf of his dad whilst …… picked the prize for Mbappe Leppe.

The event, sponsored by Nigerian telecommunication outfit, Globacom, was a night to celebrate and reward sporting excellence, also showcased superb and first-class entertainment from outstanding entertainers across different parts of Africa. There were musical performances by Shatta Wale (Ghana), Ahmed Soultan (Morocco), Salif Keita (Mali), Awilo Longomba (DR Congo) and Nigerians King Sunny Ade, Dija, Korede Bello, Flavour, Omawumi, Bez and Ego.

The crème de la crème of football administrators around the continent were in attendance


COACH OF THE YEAR - Herve RENARD (France) – Former Coach of Cote d’Ivoire
CLUB OF THE YEAR - TP Mazembe (DR Congo)
Charles Kumi GYAMFI (Ghana)
Samuel MBAPPE LEPPE (Cameroon)

Goalkeeper: Robert Muteba KIDIABA (DR Congo)
Defenders: Serge AURIER (Cote d’Ivoire), Aymen ABDENNOUR (Tunisia), Mohamed MEFTAH (Algeria)
Midfielders: Andre AYEW (Ghana), Yaya TOURE (Cote d’Ivoire), Sadio MANE (Senegal), Yacine BRAHIMI (Algeria),
Forwards: Mbwana Aly SAMATTA (Tanzania), Pierre-Emerrick AUBAMEYANG (Gabon), Baghdad BOUNEDJAH (Algeria)

Djigui DIARRA (Mali)
Azubuike OKECHUKWU (Nigeria)
Kelechi NWAKALI (Nigeria)
Zinedine FERHAT (Algeria)
Adama TRAORE (Mali)
Victor OSIMHEN (Nigeria)
Kermit ERASMUS (South Africa)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

UCL Knockout Draw: Arsenal To Face Barcelona, Chelsea Draw PSG

The round of 16 UEFA Champions League draws have been made with some of Europe’s finest set to meet each other at the round of 16 stage. The Line up of teams drawn: Champions League last 16 line up The first legs will take place on 16/17 and 23/24 February, with the return games to be played on 8/9 and 15/16 March.

The finals will be played in May in AC Milan/Inter Milan’s San Siro Stadium. Javier Zanetti is the 2016 Champions League final ambassador. The group runners-up will play the first leg at home. No team can play a club from their group or any side from their own association. The full draws below:

Dynamo Kiev vs Manchester City
SL Benfica vs Zenit
PSV vs Atletico Madrid
Juventus vs Bayern Munich
Arsenal vs FC Barcelona
PSG vs Chelsea
AS Roma vs Real Madrid
KAA Gent vs Wolfsburg

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Report: Nigeria U17 6-0 Australia U17

Nigeria reached the Fifa U17 World Cup quarter finals after annihiliating Australia 6-0 in their second round game in Vina Del Mar on Thursday morning.

Complete with the presence of Funsho Bamgboye and Udochukwu Anumudu who missed out of the Golden Eaglets' last group game owing to cards suspension, the Joeys were torn apart by the ruthless Nigerians at the Estadio Sausalito.

Victor Osimhen bagged a hat trick and is now the outright leading scorer in the competition with seven goals from four games as Emmanuel Amuneke’s lads scored twice in the first half, then added four in the second half to set up a last four encounter against Brazil in Vina Del Mar on Sunday.

Osimhen set the ball rolling with his fifth of the tournament in the 22nd minute by bursting forward with pace and power on the left, before turning his defender and sliding the ball past goalkeeper Duro Dragicevic.

Australia had no answer to Nigeria’s passing and movement as Kelechi Nwakali scored the second from the penalty spot four minutes later after Bamgboye was brought down in the box recklessly by two onrushing defenders.

However, Cameron Joice almost pulled a goal back for the Joeys, but failed to convert on a miserable night for the Australians.

In the second half, the Auusies looked incoherent as they gave the ball away far too easily, while Nigeria were playing with a swagger and got their third through Osimhen in the 73rd minute as he pounced on a cross which Dragicevic had failed to clear.

The lanky 16-year-old striker completed his hat trick six minutes later when he pushed aside the Aussie defender and shot into the roof of the net past the hapless goalkeeper.

Tony Vidmar’s lads were stunned, but far worse was to come as the Eaglets capitalized on more shambolic defending to score two more goals before the end of the game.

First, substitute Essien was on hand to head home from close range before Chukwueze’s missile completed the rout against the side who came into the game with the ambition of breaking their jinx against the defending champions.

Nigeria were a class apart and the Aussie fans sportingly applauded as they became the first team to score six goals in a Fifa U17 World Cup knock out phase as they attempt to win the trophy for the fifth time.

The Golden Eaglets, who have now scored 14 goals, have set up a date with Brazil in the quarter finals on Sunday.


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

U-17 WC: Nigeria Crush Chile To Advance To The Next Round

Golden Eaglets crushed the hosts to secure a place in the knock out round of the 2015 Fifa U17 World Cup as Miguel Ponce's lads face an early exit

A goal from captain Kelechi Nwakali plus a brace from Victor Osimhen and Samuel Chukwueze brought hosts Chile to their feet as they crashed 5-1 at the Estadio SausalitoVina Del Mar on Wednesday morning.

Although Marcelo Allende got one for the South Americans with nine minutes to the end of the game, that could not inspire a comeback as the rampaging Nigerians have now secured a place in the second round of the competition.

The Chileans came into the game with the outlook of securing their first win of the competition after their 1-1 draw against Croatia on Saturday, but the Eaglets had different idea as Chukwueze fired Emmanuel Amuneke’s side ahead after 30 seconds.

Not quite long – in the 16th minute to be precise, captain Nwakali converted from the spot to double his side’s lead after Chukwueze was fouled by Juan Jose Soriano by sprinting onto a long upfield clearance and tapping the ball past the sliding defender.

In the second half, Nigeria got their third in the 60th through Chukwueze who completed his double. He found his way into the South Americans’ penalty area, performed a couple of footworks and, after seeing an initial shot blocked, thumped a left-footed strike past goalkeeper Lopez.

Osimhen got his first via the penalty spot after dangerboy Chukwueze was brought down again by Brian Leiva. Despite Funsho Bamgboye’s red card, he powered in his brace.

Chile's consolation came courtesy of Allende, who slammed past Udoh from Luciano Diaz's cross.

Nigeria with this victory boast of six points and have qualified for the second round of the competition, but will face Croatia in their third game at the Estadio Sausalito on Friday.


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Barcelona Wins Super Cup

By Adigun Olayemi

Barcelona FC of Spain has won this year's edition of the UEFA Cup.

Barcelona, the winner of the UEFA Champions league and Sevilla, the winner of the UEFA Europa league went head to head on Tuesday evening in a keenly contested football match. Barcelona eventually won the match after loosing a big lead they secured during the early hour of the game.

Sevilla came from a 4-1 loss to level up in regulation time which saw the match enter Extra time. Pedro eventually scored the wining goal of the tie for Barcelona in the 115th minute. The previous edition of the Super Cup was won by Real Mardrid.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

OAUTH Hosts NISONMG, Results Of Games

By Ipoola Ayodeji & Durodola Abiola

The 5th Nigerian Schools of Nursing and Midwifery Games (NISONMG) 2015 has  continued to live up to expectations as participating schools continue to put their best to achieve greatly in the competition.

This edition of the competition features only Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in the South Western Nigeria. The  Games kick started on 3rd of August with the registration of participating schools and a Gala night.

Result of matches  ‎‎
Volley ball (Male)
SON OAUTH 2 vs BSON Saki 3

Volleyball (Female) 
SON, Eleyele 3 vs SOM, Akure 2

Football (Male)‎
SON, OAUTH 3 vs BSON, Saki 0

Football (Female)‎
OAUTH 1 vs BSON, Saki 0

These results mean BSON, Saki will face LUTH in the semi-finals of the male volleyball after sending OAUTH out of the competition. Meanwhile in the female category, SON, Eleyele will now face SON, Ado Ekiti, while OAUTHC will be slugging it out with LUTH in the other semi-finals.

The games continue tomorrow as tennis matches will be played at the Covered Pavilion.

This year's event is hosted by Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching, Ile-Ife and participating schools include OAUTHC; LUTH; School of Nursing, Akure; School of Midwifery, Akure; Baptist School of Nursing, Saki and others.

The event is expected to come to an end on Friday with an ceremony where awards will be presented to deserving schools and individuals.

The biennial Games was last hosted in Lagos in 2013 and the host of the next NISONMG is expected to be announced at the end of this edition.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Arsenal Clinches Community Shield

By Fatoyinbo Gafar

Arsenal FC brushed Chelsea aside to win the season curtain raiser in a match that was viewed by over 45000 spectators come football fans across the globe . It was an opportunity for either of the teams to clinch the first silverware of the tournament before the new campaign starts .

Arsenal found the back of the net  in the 24th minute of the first half thanks to Alex Oxlade - Chamberlain's goal in which the Jose Mourinho's led Chelsea could not mount substantial pressure on Peter Cech's manned goal post . The first half scoreline was put at 1- 0 in favour of Arsene  Wenger's side with a goalless draw in the second half .

The win left Chelsea fans quite surprised as Arsenal had a customary losing tradition to Jose Mourinho. The Arsenal coach was quick to express his satisfaction over the teams performance in the match in what he described as a commendable victory. The English premier league 2015/2016 season starts on Saturday, 8th August 2015.