Wednesday, 9 March 2022

My Allegiance Is To Students Alone And I Will Never Bow To External Forces: GISU PRO


By Presh

The inauguration and swearing in ceremony  of the students'  union Officers held 8th of March,2022 at Afrika Amphi Theatre. students came to express their joy and celebrate with the newly inaugurated officers of the Students' Union.

Speaking to ACJOAU correspondent, the  PRO of the union Comrade Ogunperi Taofeek Olalekan, Tao said, "I contested because i recognized the fact that there's a communication gap between the University authority and the students and one of his agenda bridge the gap between the students and the University authority" 

The PRO  further said that he's working on communication channel from traditional one to the new media, to ensure students get information, not only promptly but correctly.  He also promised to give out correct information to students no matter the pressure or external influence either from the management or any body that may surround it as he called himself an "image maker" and can never and will never yield to external factors as his allegiance is to students alone. 

Speaking on the issue of dissemination of fake news, he said, "as the spread of fake news cannot be prevented,the best thing to do is to have an official website that can be trusted by the students to give out not accurate but prompt information

He also assured the students that has interest in broadcast journalism as mass communication seems to be an approved course on campus now,that if there is going to be a need to form an alliance with the school's radio station (Great FM) to help students grow in that platform and build up their career, he as the PRO would make it happen.

Speaking on the Great Ife Students' Union social media handles, the PRO said, "if not for the unfortunate incident of October 1st 2020, "i had already planned on releasing official handles of the union and was waiting for this moment even while waiting i still tried to do something, and the official handles of the Union will be released in couples of hours"

Speaking further on how he planned to work with ACJOAU he said , " I think i am the closest officer to ACJ because i am the PRO and i am going to be  the chairman of the press committee which  means he will be talking to the Press much more than anybody else". As an independent body on Campus, ACJ comes in as a partner in progress and working together officially is for progress and not to politicize ACJ in the dissemination of information from the union to the students.

Lastly, there is the usual tradition of giving out information to the students on campus which is the physical means of going to different halls of residence, the PRO promised to use numerous platforms to disseminate accurate information including the physical means as students would tend to trust them more if the information were been given out physically other than the virtual means though he would use both the digital and domestic channels of reaching out to the students. "We can't sit in Sub and project information, i have been meaning to go out and give official and physical announcement"