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Is This Playing: OAU Girls Confess To Having S*x with Bikemen Via Anonymous Messages, Students Reacts

In a trending anonymous messages trending on OAU students WhatsApp Status, some OAU girls were seen confessing to having s*x with bikemen on campus the girls were seen sharing their confessions of having nice time with bikemen. One was even praising the bikemen that they are good and loyal. 

See Pictures below

Some students have however reacted to this strange and surprising confessions. See reactions below

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Meet Mary Olayinka Oladokun, The Best Graduating Student At 46th Convocation Of The Obafemi Awolowo University

By Ayomide Emmanuel

Mary Olayinka Oladokun, is the overall best graduating student of the Obafemi Awolowo University in the 2019/2020 academic session, having finished with a CGPA of 4.92 from the Department of Microbiology. She tells OAU Peeps News Agency in an exclusive interview about what it took her to come on top.

Can we meet you ma?

I am Mary Olayinka Oladokun

You were pronounced the overall best graduating student during this year's convocation. What CGPA did you graduate with

I graduated with a CGPA of 4.92

Wow... That's awesome. When you wanted to enter the university, did you choose Microbiology?

I was devastated. I never really thought about the course microbiology.

What was the course that you chose initially?


Oooh, were there plan to change to your preferred course?

I wanted to but you know most of these things deal with connection. I had no connections.

And looking back now ma, would you say making that decision was good?

Yes, I would say so.

We would also love to know, outside academics, were you involved in any other thing?

I was in technical subgroup in BSF

Meaning you have to be available in every of the fellowship meeting?

I attended majority of the fellowship meetings not every

Was there a time you held any leadership position while on campus as a student either in your class, department, faculty or fellowship?

During my final year, I was the project group leader

Did you take any decision as a fresh student then that helped you in the course of your study?

Not really. I was just determined to do the best I could.

That’s impressive. One would naturally think you are a genius or that it runs in the family?


I believe leading of your mates in classes didn't start in OAU

It started kind of in OAU. In primary school and secondary school I was not always the best. It fluctuated.

Wow, that's encouraging.. Did you hear stories about Obafemi Awolowo University that could be discouraging when you resumed school?

Yes o. There are always stories you hear from your mates and seniors about some courses that would make you feel like this is the end. I can't pass this particular subject.

So what was your reaction to this?

At first I always got scared but later on I decided to place it on God's hand and just do my best

Was it in your plan to be the best graduating student when you got admission?

Not at all

What was your CGPA in Part 1?

I did JUPEB so I entered part 2

Okay! What was your lowest grade?



😂. It was just God's grace

Exactly the answer i was expecting😂

How did you feel when you got to know you graduated as the best student?

I was very surprised and happy because it was very unexpected.

Apart from being the Best Graduating Student, you won other prizes, what are they?

I won 4 best graduating student in the faculty o science prize, two from my department

Can you name them?

No, I can't


What is your advice to the current crop of undergraduates especially the fresh ones among them?

They should trust in God, understand themselves especially their strengths and weaknesses.

Have you received any job offer since you graduated as a result of your sterling performance?

Not yet o.

Congratulations once again Mary and we appreciate you for your time, what is your words to the OAU Peeps crew?

Thank you all for giving me an audience.

On behalf of the OAU Peeps News Agency, I wish you the best in your future endeavours.

Thank you very much

Tuesday, 13 December 2022

Breaking: Judicial Council Reinstates Great Ife Speaker

Following the legal steps taken by the speaker of the Students' Representative Council of the Great Ife Students' Union to challenge his suspension as the speaker of the Parliament which according to him was filled with so many constitutional aberrations as the President himself singlehandedly declared the suspension based on the submission of a congressman without any motion raised to the effect of the submission.

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After series of court sessions held by the Judicial council of the Union, the council in its ruling  today, December 13, 2022 reinstated the speaker of the Great Ife Student’s Union in a court sitting that was held at the Ken Saro Building earlier 

The court sitting comprised seven justices including the Lord Chancellor, Hon. Justice Abiodun Adesanya, MC.

While delivering the lead judgment that was signed by the Lord Chancellor, Justice Adedapo Taiwo declared that the congressional resolution of Great Ife Student’s Union that birthed the suspension of Mr. Ajadi Toheeb as the speaker of the Great Ife Student’s Representative Council is Unconstitutional, illegal and void.

He further declared that Mr. Ajadi Toheeb is hereby reinstated as the speaker of the Great Ife Student’s Representative Council and should resume work with immediate effect.

The Judicial Council also declared that the entitlement of Mr. Ajadi Toheeb since the 30th of November 2022 should be given and returned to him with immediate effect.

The counsel to Mr. Ajadi Toheeb had earlier argued on three issues all bordering on the unconstitutionality and nullity of the congress and his suspension before the court finally declared that he should be reinstated as the speaker.

Source: ACJOAU

Saturday, 10 December 2022

Faculty Of Technology Releases 2022/2022 Admission Cut-Off Marks


OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2022/2023 admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below

Agricultural Engineering

Merit – 59.27%

Ogun – 52.95%

Osun – 57.53%

Oyo – 56.80%

ELDS – 50.0%

Chemical Engineering

Merit – 71.28%

Ekiti – 69.65%

Ogun – 67.30%

Osun – 65.81%

Oyo – 67.80%

ELDS – 50.00%

Civil Engineering

Merit – 70.39%

Ekiti – 59.20%

Lagos – 60.78%

Ogun – 69.10%

Ondo – 65.05%

Osun – 67.43

Oyo – 69.55

ELDS – 50.00%

Computer Science and Engineering

Merit – 73.48%

Ekiti – 68.83%

Lagos – 65.33%

Ogun – 68.08%

Ondo – 69.94%

Osun – 66.81%

Oyo – 69.98%

ELDS – 60.75%

Computer Science/Economics

Merit – 69.45%

Ekiti – 60.68%

Lagos –60.68%

Ogun – 66.90%

Ondo – 60.68%

Osun – 67.48%

Oyo – 64.30%

ELDS – 50.00%

Computer Science/Mathematics

Merit – 70.15%

Ekiti – 67.45%

Lagos – 65.45%

Ogun – 60.25%

Ondo – 67.88%

Osun – 67.03%

Oyo – 69.10%

ELDS – 50.00%

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Merit – 70.38%

Ekiti – 67.07%

Lagos –68.33%

Ogun – 69.85%

Ondo – 69.45%

Osun – 66.75%

Oyo – 67.78

ELDS – 50.00

Food Science and Technology

Merit –59.40%

Lagos – 52.60%

Ondo – 55.03%

Osun – 59.00%

Oyo – 53.20%

ELDS – 50.00%

Material Science and Engineering

Merit – 60.75%

Ekiti – 60.03%

Osun – 58.81%

Oyo – 54.90%

ELDS – 50.00%

Mechanical Engineering

Merit – 74.48%

Ekiti – 65.40%

Lagos – 58.70%

Ogun –63.70%

Ondo – 73.42%

Osun – 72.17%

Oyo – 69.95%

ELDS - 50.00

Aerospace Engineering

Merit - 65.28%

Ogun - 61.28%

Osun - 59.28%

Oyo - 61.53%

ELDS - 50.00

Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Great Ife SRC Speaker Take Legal Steps Against the CEC

 Following the recent happenings in the Great Ife political settings, the speaker of the SRC RT. Hon Ajadi Toheeb has charged the President, the Secretary General, the P.R.O, the Central Executive Council and the Deputy Speaker of the Union to the Great Ife Students' Union Judicial Council.

In a release made available to OAUPeeps News Agency the court hearing will hold on Thursday, 8th of December, 2022, in accordance to Section 56 of the Sacrosanct Constitution of the GreatIfe Students Union.

The court will hear the matter between the Speaker being the Applicant while The President ,The Secretary - General,The P.R.O,The Central Executive Council , Deputy Speaker, SRC being the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Defendants respectively.

The court session is sechulded to hold in Chukwusa Dennis (SUB) TV Room by 9:00am and students interested in observing proceedings are enjoined to come around.


130 Students Bag First Class As OAU Holds 46th Convocation


Not less than 130 students of Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile-Ife, Osun state bagged first class degrees at the institution’s 46th convocation programmes.

Addressing journalists at the University campus in Ile-Ife on Monday, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Someone Bamire, disclosed that the school has a total of 5,852 graduates for it 2022 convocation ceremonies.

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According to the Vice Chancellor, In Bachelor Degrees, classified, we have One Hundred and Thirty (130) in First Class (Honours), while One Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty Three made 2nd class (Honours, Upper Division).

“In the 2nd class (Honours, Lower division) we have 1,991 graduands and in the 3rd class (Honours) category, we have 636 while 34 graduands are on a pass category.  In all, we have 4,114 graduands in this Bachelor degrees, classified.

“However, in the Bachelor degrees, unclassified, which comprises graduands from the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Clinical Sciences and, of course, Faculty of Dentistry.  Even graduands from our centre for Distance Learning also falls within this category.

“In this group, we have 7 graduands who have Pass with Honours, while 28 falls within Pass with Distinction.  444 made it under Pass with Credit and 486 are with Pass.  In these make us to have 965 under this unclassified category.

“For the postgraduate graduands, we have 17 under postgraduate Diploma, 403 under Professional Masters and 200 under Master with Research Thesis.  While we have 20 under Masters of Philosophy, the total number of our Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) graduands is 61.  In all, we have 712 graduands under this category.

“May I also inform you that non-degree Diplomas in the Faculty of Administration, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Education, are as follow; We have 2 with Distinction, 25 with upper credit and 34 with lower credit.”

While commending the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, for suspending its industrial action, he said the University placed priority on the welfare of its students, hence, the decision to hold the convocation after the university senate had approved the results.

Source: Vanguard News