Saturday, 5 August 2023

Unjust Locking Of E-portal Resolved

By Adegboyega Ifeoluwa [IfelawPR]

Following the successful resolution of the issue of locked e-portals that affected a number of students, the Great Ife Students' Union expresses their acknowledgement to the school administration. 

In an official statement released by the Great Ife Students' Union's Public Relations Officer; Omisore Elijah [H20], gratitude is expressed towards the school administration for their swift response, which resulted in the reopening of the affected e-portals.

In the recent press release, the Great Ife Students' Union applauds the decisive measures taken by the school authority to rectify the unjust locked of specific students' e-portals. Consequently, all affected students are urged to promptly check their e-portals in response to this positive development.

Great Ife Students' Union Takes Swift Action to Address Unjust Locking of E-Portals

By Adegboyega Ifeoluwa [Ifelaw PR]

Great Ife Students' Union has taken immediate action in response to the recent incident involving the unjust locking of some students' e-portals.

In a press release by the Great Ife Students' Union P.R.O.; Omisore Elijah (H20), the union has demonstrated its commitment to promptly resolving the issue and advocating for the affected students. By engaging with the authorities, the Students' Union has successfully secured a commitment to reopen the affected portals by August 18th. Recognizing the importance of preventing future irregularities, they have proposed the establishment of a panel to investigate the incident and implement preventative measures.

Announcing this action in a press release, the Great Ife Students' Union is prepared to take further steps if the promised actions are not fulfilled within the designated timeframe. 

However, they urge students to remain cooperative during this process. Assuring students that their concerns will be addressed, the union emphasizes that their voices will be heard throughout the investigation and decision-making process.

Through its swift response to this incident and active commitment to finding a resolution, the Great Ife Students' Union showcases its dedication to the well-being and rights of its members.

Monday, 31 July 2023

Great Ife Students' Union Announces Regulated Price List to Combat Extortion

By Ifeoluwa Adegboyega (IfelawPR)

In a bid to tackle the issue of extortion, Great Ife Students' Union has unveiled a new regulated price list. 

This announcement comes as a response to reports of some motorcycle operators taking advantage of students by imposing inflated fees.

Great Ife Students' Union; In a press release, emphasized the importance of adhering to the new price list and warned against falling victim to deceitful practices. By implementing this regulated price list, the union aims to eradicate instances of extortion within the OAU community.

Please find the students' union's recently published report below:

"We are using this medium to inform our union members about the approved and agreed prices.

We are very much aware of their cunning acts, and sometimes they being adamant in nature, to pitch forth their individual and self-centeredness hiked fee, beware union members, and do not be bamboozled...."

However, to ensure the effectiveness of these measures, Great Ife Students Union has requested the cooperation of OAU students. Any incidents of extortion should be immediately reported to union officers, with specific details about the individuals involved.

Friday, 28 July 2023

OAU Peeps Gets New Editor As Ayomide Emmanuel Bows Out

Adegboyega Ifeoluwa, popularly known as Ifelaw, has been announced as the Editor-in-chief of the one of the foremost online campus News Agencies in Obafemi Awolowo University, for the 2022/2023 academic session. 

The outgone EIC, Ayomide Emmanuel, who is now the Chairman, Guild Of Editors, ACJOAU, whose tenure elapsed on July 27, 2023 hands baton to the new EIC, Ifeoluwa Lawrence.

Adegboyega Ifeoluwa, is a part 3 student of the Department of English and Literary Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University. Ifeoluwa would be serving as the sixth Editor-in-chief of the agency. 

Prior to his appointment, Ifeoluwa was the Media Chief of the OAUPeeps News Agency.

In his word to the outgone EIC, the founder and managing director of OAUPeeps News Agency, Mr David Adetula said, "Thank you so much for your time leading OAU Peeps, Ayomide. I wish you the very best on your new role".

Going forward, every communication and business relating to the agency is to be discussed with the new Editor-in-Chief. He can be reached via

Saturday, 22 July 2023

Awo Boys Gets New Executives for the 2022/2023 session

The popular comic group, Awo boys gets new Executives that will steer the affairs of the group. 

At exactly 10pm on Thursday,  20th of July, 2023, the outgoing President, IamKenny, announced the new leadership of the popular comics group. 

The new executives are, Ganiyu Abullah Abiodun PKA Dean as the general secretary, Kolebaje David, as the costume manager and OLUKANMI Abidemi Abeeb ÀBÍMỌ́ as the president of the group.

The new president of the popular comic group, OLUKANMI Abidemi Abeeb ÀBÍMỌ́, is also the President of the Linguistics and African Languages Department.

Monday, 10 July 2023

BREAKING: Electoral Commission Sets Date For Inauguration Ceremony Of Elected Union Officers

By Ayomide Emmanuel

The GreatIFE Students' Union Electoral Commission has announced the date for the Inauguration ceremony for the Students' Union Elect. 

The election which held on 30th of May, 1st and 3rd of June 2023, has produced elected officials in the Students' Representative Council(SRC), Hall Executives Council(HEC) and Central Executive Council(CEC) respectively.

Consequently, the Electoral Commission regard the occasion to signify the beginning of another chapter in the Union and would be honoured to have students join them in celebrating this exiting milestone. 

In a Press Statement made available to OAUPeeps News Agency, the Electoral Commission announced that the generality of the Great Ife Students are invited to the Grand Inauguration Ceremony of the newly elected union leaders(CEC, SRC and HEC).

According to the commission, the Inauguration Ceremony will hold on Wednesday, 12th of July 2023 by 10am at Afrika Amphitheatre. Furthermore, former Union Officers most especially the previous administration to be present as award and certificate of service will be presented.

Saturday, 24 June 2023

Student Unionism: “Leaders Isọnu” And Their Dogmatic Followers


By Ajibade Abdullah Adewale

Leading Leader, Capacity Leader And Leader Isọnu. What type are you?

Heading towards my department a few days after the Great Ife Students’ Union Elections, I got drawn in by the conversation I overheard between two guys conversing in Yoruba language. One of them said something along the lines of “I told you that those people are Leaders Isọnu. They thought they could manipulate us to support their average candidate. Thank God, we didn’t give in, now they have failed”. 

His voice, struggling between mildness and frustration, echoed; “Àwon wèrè” -“mad fellows”. Initially, I thought he was upset about the loss of his candidate in the elections. However, my postulation was swiftly buried when he further told his friend that, had the students’ favourites not emerged, those people ( the acclaimed leaders) would have jubilated even when it is a failure for the faculty.

That’s when I grasped the crux of the whole discussion. A set of students in that faculty who might have been positioning themselves as leaders projected a candidate who was not well-received by the students. They resisted the action and the aftermath is that the majority’s choice emerged while the acclaimed leaders’ choice suffered defeat. 

Ratiocinating on this scenario, my mind traversed many antecedents within departmental and faculty associations and one can only say that it is a recurring pattern of events.

Between Stakeholders And The Students’ Interests

In many student associations, it is not novel to have a set of students coming together or being selected with the major aim of representing the association on strategic matters since everyone can’t be at the helm of decision-making. Over the years, the leadership of such associations and maybe students, have supported this act, leading to the formation of the “Stakeholders”. 

Candidly, having representatives is a necessary strategy, especially in the political sphere of student associations. However, in recent times, I have observed that some of these representatives are now self-proclaimed and have strayed from their purpose. Rather than focusing on satisfying the needs of the student population, they have become more interested in furthering personal interests. Unfortunately, this often leads to situations where qualified candidates are frustrated or indirectly intimidated to give up on contesting. 

To make it clearer, what they do is project a candidate with average qualities but with audience appeal and can conveniently play the pawn on their chess board while shunning the one with the right qualities since he is a threat to their selfish agenda. They go ahead to negotiate with other camps in the guise of representing the students but they end up satisfying their greed. Meanwhile, when this puppet emerges and fails, the stain will be on the association and faintly on the acclaimed stakeholders, “Leaders Isonu”, best put. 

 Sadly, when one traces the reason for the failure, it is most likely a result of the leader’s excessive demands coupled with the puppet’s incompetence.

We have witnessed how products of permutation, not competence, failed. Likewise, the opposite. However, should a product of their usual type of permutation perform? two things are involved. First is either he abandoned them after emerging, which is almost impossible, or he found ways around satisfying them likewise serving the students populace.

“Leader Isonu” With No Standing

Just like anyone defeated will try to figure out the reason for his loss, after a recent election on this campus, the defeated contestant felt so bad that the feeling was already forming wrinkles on his face. Powered by curiosity, I approached him for a  remark about the conduct of the elections. Instead of a direct response, he only retorted that his “ acclaimed leader has failed him again” He proceeded that he worked solely to pull that number of votes while his acclaimed leader didn’t offer anything obvious or behind the scene. 

When I heard this, my body was already responding with sympathy until he said “ Leader na leader”. That’s when I knew that his defeat was a result of a marriage between a leader with no proper authority and a follower who held onto dogmatic beliefs. It is perplexing to see how someone who recognized his acclaimed leader’s incompetence still accepted him moronically. 

Before you think he might be helping in other ways, the so-called leader is the one benefiting from the financial strength of this individual. It’s concerning that this “leader” hasn’t even learned the basics. No ideology, nothing. Just vibes and selfish permutations. 

What Next?

Inferring from the last union elections, some students were said to have stood against the decision of the stakeholders of their faculty who wanted to use a candidate to negotiate their greediness. While this is a positive development, it remains to be seen whether they are also truly committed to becoming responsible leaders that prioritize the interest of the students. Well, only time will tell whether they champion the ethos of putting the students’ needs first and demonstrating competence in leadership.


“Followers who tell the truth, and leaders who listen to it, are an unbeatable combination.”—Warren Benn

Are you a Leading Leader, a Capacity Leader, or  Leader Isọnu?